Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Experiments in Dressmaking

Not since year 8 textiles have I ever attempted to make an item of clothing (it was a particularly bizarre pair of trousers with flames around the bottom - god knows what my 13 year-old self was thinking), until now. 
Behold! March's craft projects (I'm a little behind in posting them up here but better late than never)!

First off I made some pj bottoms using the brush cotton I got from my trip to the Goldhawk Road. Luckily I had a pattern to make them so it was relatively straight forward although as you can see I made the leg width about twice the size it needed to be (and they are a little bit on the long side). However, pjs are supposed to be loose and comfy and these certainly fit the bill!



Close up of fabric

Secondly I made this summery top. There was no pattern for this experiment so I used something I already own to gage the measurements. I actually ran out of the floral fabric and had to use the plain cotton for the panels under the arms but I guess you'd never know if you saw it. Also, the collar was a last minute add on and came about due to an error on the neckline.

Learning curve - important things to know for my next adventures in dressmaking (because I have some more ideas!)
  • Always have more fabric than you think you need
  • Double hemming is a basic rule and should be followed at all costs
  • You can always make things shorter but once you've cut something you can't make it longer
  • Measure accurately (leaving ample room in the chest department - they aren't forgiving and won't oblige you in the slightest)
  • Nothing hides a neckline mistake like a pretty collar ;)

And whilst we're on the subject of March's sewing achievements...I finally finished my quilt!
It looks tiny on our kingsize bed but luckily it's a perfect size for snuggling under on the sofa. 
In the pic above you get a sneaky peak at the blue gingham backing but the one below gives you better idea of the size. That's me holding it up with arms out stretched so it's not that small :)

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