Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Tuesday's Tees - competitions

This week you're getting double the love with Tuesday's Tees (you lucky things)!

First up I regularly follow this lovely blog - one sheepish girl - and today she's giving you, me and all you t-shirt fanatics out there the chance to win a tee designed by Dowdy Studio - a husband and wife team who make lots of cool stuff including awesome tees! These two are my favourites - grand piano whale and a very beardy viking - what's not to love?

Click here to enter the competition and you could win a tee of your choice!

Secondly, we're heading over to Ohh Deer who are also holding a competition...to have your design printed on a t-shirt! 
3 winners will have their designs printed on tees to be sold on the Ohh Deer website (you get to make a profit too) but hurry, the competition ends next Tuesday 1st May. There's already been a plethora of entries which you can 'like' on facebook - they say that 'likes' will be taken into account in terms of choosing the winners...
check out the submitted tees and competition details here. I very much want this one to be a winner - it's v.cool.


  1. Hey Annie -- thanks for the follow! 'avid film watcher, t-shirt enthusiast, keen crafter, baker of cakes, reader of sci-fi, writer of things' sounds like it could be a description of me, and after seeing this competition post I'm looking forward to getting to know your blog. Nice to cyber-meet you!

    Laura of Kitsunetsuki x

    1. Hey Laura, cheers for the follow! Nice to meet you too!


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