Monday, 10 December 2012

the crafty fox at brixton's dogstar: xmas edition

It was a pretty knackering weekend for all the right reasons - most notably an excellent house party and the return of the Crafty Fox market. Like the Spring instalment and last year's christmas market, the Crafty Fox did not disappoint! There were so many talented sellers - some of which I recognised and some which I didn't - it would have been incredibly difficult to leave without buying something... 

Thankfully I did have a little bit to spend and came away with these gems: necklace from Tri & Gull - brilliant name and v.affordable jewellery which certainly appealed to my triangle and geometric shape obsession. Owl card (soooo cute!) by Lil3birdy which I think I'm going to keep for myself (don't judge me).

Had I had a little more money I would probably also have left with one of Lucie Ellen's wooden brooches and something by Laurie Hastings, her illustrations are beautiful. As I was incapacitated (thanks to a party on saturday night) I didn't make it back to the Dogstar on sunday for the second round of crafty goodness, and so I was sad to have missed Amy Hutchings and her flying ducks and designosaur with their dinosaur (and narwhal) related accessories. However I certainly did make the most out of the saturday trying my hand at origami and  screen printing.
Rather pretty origami heart and the printed tote bags. The weather one on the left is my sister's and mine's the whale on the right. Not bad eh?

The market also served to remind me that Christmas is only two weeks away and as yet I've not finished anyone's presents!!! So as well as swanning about the market and drinking waaay too much beer I also got some sewing done this weekend. Mitch's pj bottoms are almost there and I've starting sewing together the blocks for my parents' quilt! How's everyone's present shopping/making going?

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  1. origami! how cute. yer so crafty! my christmas shopping is going terribly, i've bought like one thing. oops. xx


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