Tuesday, 30 April 2013

April brought the sun!

Spring has sprung for sure - thanks April.

Aside from a very welcome rise in temperature and the appearance of the sun, April has brought a bunch a other great things too such as blossom, plenty of socialising (lunch and dinner dates with famille and friends, as well the rather successful piss-up that was mine & mitch's engagement drinks), a much needed haircut and some new clothes :) In terms of my 4 things challenge, here's how the month shaped-up for me:

De-clutter: April was the first time in a looong time that I actually had a little bit of money (thanks to the promotion) to buy a few new clothes. To stick to my 'one in one out' wardrobe policy I've already selected some stuff to sell on ebay to make room for three new dresses :) ! One thing I still really need to sort out is all my paper baggage (unopened post, bank statements etc) so I hope to tackle it in May. I'm not going to lie, I've been putting it off because the paper pile is humungous.
Health: The home cook vegetarian (and fish) experiment continues and I'm still really loving it. I did go out for dinner and lunch a few times this month and although I mostly ordered veggie dishes I also got to satisfy my burger craving.
Money: saving has begun! Also, said clothes I bought were all in the sale *smug*
Do More New: This month my friend invited me along to a yoga class. It was pretty intense, I nearly  sweated as much as I do at Zumba, only I didn't move more than 2 metres! It's kinda crazy how much of a work-out you get from holding your body in certain positions (saying that though, I am probably the least supple person in the world). After an hour and a half of yoga I left feeling elated, the next day however, I ached something rotten. It's a fairly expensive class so I don't think it'll be a weekly occurrence but I do intend to return. In April I also had a go at making a dress (or two) from a pattern. The results weren't bad so I'm keen to try others.

What's to come in May: apparently the worst hay fever season in decades :( but on the bright side I've got some fun wedding shiz occurring, tickets to see The Postal Service and there's not one, but TWO bank holidays next month - bonus!


  1. I've never tried yoga but I'm kind of warming up to the idea now. I might have said this before, but I really love your 'do more new' goal. That's definitely something I'd like to incorporate into my life as well. Keep on truckin'!

    1. cheers lauren - yeah it's a good goal, I find myself saying 'yeah, let's have a go' to a lot more things!

  2. Aww man, the 'paper baggage' in my flat is ridiculous! It's really starting to get me down having it around, so I definitely want to clear it out in May.

    1. on principle it's the equivalent to chucking out loads of old clothes (which feels great afterwards) but only bank statements and student loan reminders are obviously nowhere near as interesting - I feel your pain.


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