Monday, 15 April 2013

karen o

To coinside with the release of Yeah Yeah Yeahs fourth album I'm having a swoon over the band's front woman, the totally rad Karen O.
I can still remember the first time I heard the yeah yeah yeahs. I was 17, my friend had made me a cd of songs and on it were a few tracks from their EP and Fever to Tell. Instant affinity. Hungry to have more stuff by the YYYs I bought their album and went to see them live at the Astoria. It was, obviously, amazing and Karen O was like nothing I'd ever seen before - her singing, her stage presence, her insane (in a good way) outfits. I've been pretty much in awe of her ever since.

What's also supremely cool about Karen O are the collaborations she gets involved with. The theme song - Strange Love - for Tim Burton's Frankenweenie and most notably the entire soundtrack to Where the Wild Things Are. Here she is looking well cute in a Max type costume. 

 Whilst looking for images of Karen O I discovered that a lot of her stage costumes are designed by Christian Joy. Colours and bold patterns abound! According to Joy the next big thing for the new album are suits and if the Sacrilege suit is anything to go by it can't be a bad thing.
And here's the whole gang as they were when I first clapped my eyes on them back in 2004 plus a little bit of what kicked it all off for me - Maps.

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  1. Love her new persona/outfit! Also, i was so excited when i picked my copy today!


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