Friday, 5 April 2013

"spring" wish list

Compiling a spring wish list was hard. Hard because it's freezing (and occasionally snowing). April showers - maybe. April snow storms - no thanks. It's just not on Mr Jetstream. I have been wearing my coat (and scarf) almost solidly for the last 5 months and I'm bored of it. Another boring thing is moaning about the weather and that's not what you came here to read is it? No, I didn't think so. Instead, behold the wish list. It's a rather mixed bag of stuff due to the shitty absurd weather.

batik print leggings : I fancy some print leggings and these are pretty jazzy - perfect for warmer weather but would also work with a pair of tights underneath for the current climate.
kopenhagen high vamp loafers : I'm not sure where my current yearning for a pair of loafers has stemmed from but I do really want some...this pair is in fact the sister of the stunning blue patent ones from my birthday list... 
till we have faces : I'm yet to spend my birthday book vouchers so I think it's time for a book splurge. This one comes recommended plus I've not read anything by C S Lewis apart from the Chronicles of Narnia which I loved (duh). Should be good.
colour-block sunnies : a little optimistic perhaps but it's GOT to brighten up by May.
the age of miracles : the premise of this book sounds amazing.
bobble jumper : I am seriously considering purchasing one last piece of knitwear before 'summer'. I know Mitch would appreciate it - I practically live in two of his very nice jumpers.
notepad yellow+pink : because there is ALWAYS a need for a new notebook.
pattern recognition : I didn't get on so well will neuromancer but I want to give Gibson another go.
loaf tin : there are many tasty loaf recipes flying around at the moment and I can't start baking till I've got one of these - practical but also the gateway to this.
extravaganza loafers in olive : loafer love continues.

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