Monday, 10 June 2013

a weekend of limited tech

Over the weekend our TiVo box decided to die and for some odd reason my laptop refused to connect to our wireless. Thus, a weekend of limited technology. In truth, Mitch and I have been contemplating downgrading our Virgin account to just broadband for quite sometime now and I think the defunct TiVo box has spurred us on. I didn't miss the tv at all. There's rarely anything on I actually want to watch and if there is we could, in future, just catch it on i-player or 4oD. I did miss the internet though. Saturday was mostly spent in brockwell park - the weather in brixton was superb - firstly going for a jog and then, post shower, lunch and some reading *bliss*, before heading back to flat to cook dinner which we ate, you guessed it, in the park. Sadly, sunday was v.cloudy and windy so I did some doodling - nothing really beats drawing - whilst catching up with Mad Men and starting 30Rock (Mitch v.kindly helped me out with his portable hard drive/media player set-up so I could watch them, so I guess there was rather a lot of tech going on on sunday). I also cut out more flags to add to the growing pile needed for the wedding bunting :) In the evening we took a bus over to peckham rye to see the visiting fun fair. A quiet weekend but lovely just the same. I do hope that's not the last we'll see of the sun!

In the games arcade at the peckham rye fun fair. It was a victorian era affair with some of the rides still running on steam! The arcade was basically a huge collection of, mostly, working vintage games.

As if I couldn't get enough of bird families at the moment, we happened upon a family of canada geese at one of the ponds in brockwell park on saturday. The goslings were so cute and fluffy.
tomato doodle

bunting to be


  1. that little tomato doodle is so cute :3

    disconnecting is always tricky for me. my phone is never more than an arm's reach away! good on you for (almost) accomplishing this!

  2. aw i didn't know there was a funfair on! how long for? looks really cute. also you are so right, to be honest i only ever use my TV for watching films on a decent-sized screen? xx


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