Friday, 7 June 2013

of late

Here are some pics from the last week or so. There was quite a lot going on but I neglected to mention it. 
Blossom in chiswick - there was SO much of it throughout May.

Last Thursday Mitch had reserved us a table at the Paramount Bar. A rather fancy establishment at the top of Centre Point. The views over London were pretty amazing. I wish I'd taken some pics of the actual bar - it felt like something out of the 1920s - but alas I was distracted by the view! I'd deffo recommend this as, unlike the london eye or the shard, it's free (apart from your drinks bill of course but you can always opt for a beer rather than one of their cocktails if you are a bit skint)! You do need to book in advance though and don't wear trainers, they won't let you in.

On Monday we went to a BBQ at our friends' house in epsom. It was a lovely day - super sunny and the perfect excuse to indulge in some serious meat-eating. 

Yesterday as the weather was fabulous, my boss took the company out for lunch at Chiswick House. The grounds are v.pretty PLUS there were lots of ducklings. We saw about 4 bird families with their little ones including a swan family (with 4 cygnets) and an egyptian geese family with 7 baby geese - sooooo cute.

So v.happy that it's already Friday - fingers crossed for some more glorious weather!

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