Friday, 14 June 2013

suits you!

The holiday season is upon us and my own summer vacation is only two weeks away so, you know what that means....! It's time to begin the hunt for swimwear! 
Swimwear has got to be the worst thing in the world to shop for (along  with exercise -related clothing). Year after year of  summer shopping trips spent trawling through the 'beachwear' sections trying to find the perfect bikini that would fit both my bum and keep the boobs contained - personally I think it's a myth - or the perfect one piece that wasn't ugly and didn't cost the earth - up until last year I'd thought this was only a myth too. Because last summer I did, I found the perfect one piece on ASOS of all places! It was affordable, keeps the beasts at bay, hides the fact that my body is not (and has never been) 'bikini ready', and,  v.importantly, is super cute and makes me feel fabulous! I think I was bloody lucky last year because ASOS don't seem to have re-stocked it for this summer, they, along with a lot of other shops, seem to be well into the 'one-piece-with-loads-of-bits-cut-out-of-it-so-it-may-as-well-be-a-bikini' type thing. BUT, should you also be looking for a flattering one piece (without loads of bits cutout of it) then Modcloth is your friend. 

If I hadn't found my dream swimsuit last year I would be purchasing the one on the left (which is actually a two piece - yes, it's true, a flattering tankini!).
Taken the plunge (sorry) and got your swimsuit sorted yet?

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