Thursday, 12 July 2012

seriously summery patterns

The dreary weather has absolutely no effect on these bright and cheerful prints!

floral drop back shirt -  Topshop
notebook -  Pila Seppala
bake off dress - Modcloth
poncho cushion - Ohh Deer
cubic la sardina camera - Lomography
triangle chain duvet cover - OU usa
southwest print sandals - LuLu's
Soprano Wallpaper - OU usa
jancinto cushion - Anthropologie
lauren moffatt triangle silk tank - Steven Alan
green gingham one piece - Modcloth
simpatico collection - Cloud 9 Fabrics
kaleidoscope sunglasses - ASOS 
check floral lattice sun dress - Topshop


  1. i'm dying. i love all of this. and that ohh deer cushion is freaking amazing. i've been wanting that simpatico cloud 9 fabirc so long. i'm so excited it's online to buy now.

    also, do you have any blog buttons? i'd love to put you on my sidebar cause you're one of my favorites... :D (anything that 200px wide would be fine if you're interested)

  2. I know right, the simpatico stuff is sooo pretty!

    Aw thanks jesse! I haven't got one at present but I'll have a go at making one and then email it over!


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