Sunday, 15 July 2012

London Film & Comic Con 2012

Last Saturday Mitch and I, along with thousands of other comic enthusiasts, sci-fi and fantasy fans, descended upon Kensington Olympia for the annual convention embracing all things geeky and awesome!


  • The change of venue was quite a welcome as Olympia is a beautiful structure and the glass ceiling meant that we weren't subjected to the usual dingy yellow lit day on offer at Earls Court. 

  • We caught a glimpse of Anthony Head aka Giles from Buffy (yay!) as well as some of the cast from Game of Thrones (also yay!). On the down side Gillian Anderson (of x files), who was also there, was all boxed up, only to be seen by those with autograph, talk or picture tickets all of which were vastly expensive and way beyond my means. 
  • The costumes, as ever, were awesome. Some people make some serious effort and looked amazing.
Bane and Mitch come to blows - note the poster in the background :)
  • There were so many places to buy comics, I know - 'duh, it's comic con' - but these places were all selling them at discounted prices which meant, thanks to Mitch, I was able to stock up on the next couple of volumes of Fables.
  • The free book stall. I love this stall, it's there every year and run by a v.chatty man who's eager to give all his stock away. This year there were loads of old skool science fiction books and annuals from the early 60s. I helped myself to two 'doubles'.
  • Although I was rather disappointed at this year's tshirt selection the other merchandise and effects available was top notch! Mitch managed to get a discounted copy of Marvel Chronicles. The book is huuuuge and is kinda like an encyclopedia charting Marvel's characters and comics through the years. Because of it's enormity it's one of those books perfect for dipping in and out of. I'd also like to mention The Geek Lounge  for their awesome umbrella and the Geek Boutique  for their amazing cushions and dresses made from (I'm guessing) kid's duvet covers - check out their Godzilla dress (so cool).
cushions from the geek boutique
  • As ever there was some bloody good art on sale. And I know I say it every time but next year, funds permitting, I'm leaving with one of those beautifully illustrated alternative film posters. 
So we didn't get to meet any famous stars as in previous years and despite being pretty much broke a super fun day was had!


  1. Lol that looks so fun! I'm not a really a comic buff but I could probably get into it..your vintage book finds r super..

    Sorry it's been forever since I visited. My laptop died about 2 months ago and I hv yet to get a new one. Well it dawned on my tonight that I could use my iPhone - duh! Lol

    Anyway hope ur doing great!

    1. sorry to hear about your laptop, that sucks! Ah the iphone, how did we manage without those handy things?! :) X

  2. the free book stall sounds like a DREAM, those books look amaze xx


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