Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Tuesday's Tees - Dream Tee - BEAST

Nope, I'm not talking about Disney's Beast as in 'beauty & the beast' I am of course referring to Beast aka Hank McCoy from X Men. The Emerson-quoting, muscle-wielding, highly intellectual, blue skinned mutant. 
Mitch and I have been watching a lot (and I mean a lot) of the early 90s X Men kids cartoon - it's pretty awesome - and my favourite character is Beast, I mean who doesn't love someone in exaggerated ape like form quoting great works of literature before seriously hurting some bad guys. 

Anyway, since Beast is my current favourite thing I thought I'd have a look on the internet for a Beast tee (as you do) but I only found one where he was on his own and he looked too aggressive (it's way more funny when he's wearing his glasses and hanging upside down from the ceiling). So, I've come up with 'Dream Tee', a tee that doesn't exist but I wish it did because I'd get it in a flash.

It's quite a ponderous stance, and he always describes things as 'fascinating' which cracks me up.

Aaaand just to get you in the mood, here are the opening titles to said 90s cartoon - I've watched it so much the theme tune is on repeat in my head, thank god it's a good one.

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