Tuesday, 31 July 2012

sporty weekend

So the olympics have started with a bang (or several actually). I know I'm a Londoner and therefore totally biased but I thought the opening ceremony was absolutely freaking awesome!

This might sound a little trite, but I don't think I've ever felt so proud to be British :)
Favourite bits: the whole industrial revolution bit and the forging of the centre ring of the olympics logo (above), all the Mary Poppinses coming to the rescue, the luminescent birds on bicycles (below) and of course the lighting of the olympic flame - such an amazing idea!

The games are now well under way so this weekend (and yesterday) I caught up with all the sporting events. What I've seen so far has been awesome, particularly the gymnastics, judo and archery!
The big games aside, I've been drinking vast amounts of tea and eating more than my fair share of cake. On Saturday my sister took me to one of her favourite tea establishments: The Tea Box . They not only boast a huge selection of teas, lunch-time foods, cakes and treats but also an excellent selection of sweet and savoury scones. Their goats cheese and caramelised onion scone was amazing. I also found room for a slice of  their monkey nuts loaf. It came out warm from the oven with a little helping of butter - soooo good.

(left) At The Tea Box when they serve you your tea they also present yo with a tea timer so you know when to pour to get the right strength cuppa! Genius! (right) The tastiest savoury scone I've ever eaten!

The tea and cake consumption didn't stop there. On Sunday Mitch and I went to investigate a vintage pop-up market in Brixton. It was mostly clothes and bags, with a few jewellery bits and bobs. What interested us most of all was the vintage tea room which accompanied the market stalls. Cue more tea and a rather delicious raspberry and chocolate brownie! 

(left) Mitch tried on some vintage glasses - with a seriously strong prescription - which made his eyes look massive. This amused me greatly. (right) I didn't just stuff myself with cake, I also did some sewing which I'll share with you soon! Hope you all had great weekends too! 

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