Monday, 23 July 2012

a super sheep and a super 8 camera

I'm not one to break the english stereotype about talking about the weather so...
It's sunny and super-hot outside! 
To celebrate the amazing weather there's been plenty of walks in the park, strolls around town, sunday market wanderings, summer fruit guzzling, homemade fruit tea drinking, al fresco dining and sheep petting!
Yes, you heard me right, and not just sheep, goat petting too!

On Sunday, Mitch and I stumbled across Herne Hill market, despite us having lived in the area for just over 10 months, this weekend was the first time we'd seen it. Full of stalls, selling breads, cheeses, meat, cakes, chutneys, fresh fruit and veg as well as food stalls with a variety of dishes - it smelt amazing. There were also a couple of stalls with antique-y looking things including some vintage dress patterns (if I was several dress-sizes smaller, could read a pattern and had any money they would have been mine).

The highlight of the afternoon was of course the sheep, goats, ducks and guinea pigs who were also in attendance having travelled from New Malden farm. If you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll probably know that I am very fond of farms and especially the animals that inhabit them. The sheep and goats were v.friendly so we petted and fed them lettuce leaves. Simple pleasures. Mitch got chatting to the man who'd brought them to the market and he told us some stories about the animals. The two lambs had been saved from the slaughter house (I cannot repeat the more in-depth details of the story, I honestly don't know whether I'll ever eat lamb again) and the sheep, Amy, was something of a celebrity. Despite being only three years old (and also recused from the slaughter house) Amy has starred in three television drama programs (including Foyle's War, twice), raised £12,000 for St George's hospital and, quite recently, received a gold medal for raising said money! What a legendary sheep. This is her :)

After our lunch and Sunday scone at Relay Tea we popped into a particularly awesome little second-hand shop which we often visit, mostly to covet all the amazing bits of furniture the guy has. We always leave empty-handed because we have no room for any more stuff in the flat. But yesterday was different. Mitch found a looking hand-held super 8 film camera. We saw lots of 8mm film cameras (and projectors) in brick lane but none like this one. It has film inside it but the mechanism appears to be jammed, Mitch plans to take it apart and try to fix it, so watch this space!

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