Thursday, 4 April 2013

quilt number two

Over the easter weekend, after 11 months of making (and 3 months later than planned), I finally finished my parents' quilt! 

*please excuse me while I toot my own horn for a second*
I am super pleased with how it turned out and couldn't wait to give it to them. It's been a long project but it feels unbelievably good to have finished it and to know that although it's not perfect by any means, it looks pretty bloody good and should last for years and years to come. To top it all off my parents loved it :)

Having worked on a quilting magazine for over a year and a half I'm well aware that quilts are buggers to photograph and this was no exception. Here it is anyway, from odd angles.
That last one is of the little (crappily) embroidered label on the back to commemorate the date it was finished (I think embroidery might be next on my list to try).

Quilt two maybe over but I've got another one (or two) to plan. It is so addictive.


  1. Absolutely fab! I would LOVE to learn quilting but I must not start another hobby hehe

  2. this is amazing! I think I need to focus on learning how to knit properly before I delve into something else, but this looks SO satisfying, well done


  3. That is really rather impressive. What a lovely gift!

  4. going through your quilt tag to get up my courage...:)


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