Sunday, 15 May 2011

Reading & Seeing 2

On the left is the bespectacled face of Bill Willingham creator of the comic book series Fables. I am a bit of a comics novice having dabbled a little when I was younger - Ghostbusters and of course The Animals of Farthing Wood (not sure if that actually counts). It was my sister who told me to read Fables and, thanks to her enthusiasm (and extremely persistent nature), I finally did. The idea behind the series is pretty simple but very cool - what if the fables (snow white, the three little pigs, Beauty and the Beast & Co.) were forced to live amongst us (regular folk)? The answer is: drama and chaos of the best kind. All the Fables characters suffer magical problems as well as 21st century dilemmas, I particularly like the idea that Prince Charming is a complete jerk not to mention cheap! I've recently finished volume 2 and will be buying the next one as soon as pay day arrives.

The impressively beardy man to the right is none other than Sean 'come away with me lass' Bean. He's currently starring in Game of Thrones which is not only full to the brim with beards but is also a brilliant series based on the books by George Martin. The settings are epic; the characters are complicated (you're never sure who's going to back-stab who) - played by a predominately British Cast (fantasy sounds better in an English accent); even the opening titles are awesome. Those with Sky Atlantic will know that we're half way through the 10 part series and that winter is coming...

Finally, yesterday was Roller Derby Day and I brought two 'Derby Virgins' along for the ride. They loved it BUT to my dismay they have chosen to support the Harbour Grudges. It's going to make it all the more exciting when they have to play the Steam Rollers (pictured) in the Championship Final in July...Come on Steam Rollers!

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  1. STEAM ROLLERS!! can't believe your friends are blinded by HGs that is so lame! this mean i defo have to be there!

    Ah bean, always good to see the BEAN! btw are following Bill Willingham on twitter? you should be! also i have another comic line of his for u to read!


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