Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Something...not so Blue

I realise that the next line should be 'Something Blue' but it turns out that most of the things on my wish list are not.

Clockwise from top left (I see that all the time in magazines):
Super cute Diana Mini 'Love is in the Air' http://www.lomography.com/ £99
Pink Pigeon Light http://www.magmabooks.com/ £65 - Magma have a lot of other cool bits'n'bobs too.
Baker's Delight Apron http://www.anthropologie.eu/uk/page/home £28 - There are lots of fancy aprons here which I wouldn't want to get cake mixture on but they are too cool to resist.
This is a British Bulldog puppy - I want one.
Swallows Earings http://www.tattydevine.com/ £24 - A friend was wearing them at the weekend, they look even more fab in the flesh.
Sure Grips Rock Explosion Skates http://www.rollerskates.com/ $169 - just because.
Doomed http://www.jamesjoyce.co.uk/ £115 + p&p - I love the artwork of James Joyce - there's also a nice tee on his website...
Gladiator Sandals http://www.office.co.uk/ £37 - probably the only item that I can justify buying...the others would make brilliant gifts...*subtle hint*

1 comment:

  1. the camera and skates are cool!

    i have my eye on a camera similar from urban outfitters!


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