Thursday, 3 May 2012

adventures with the golden half #part two


Neal's Yard, Covent Garden
Easter weekend - day out with m & d

Train home
Easter weekend - Elsenham to Tottenham

Evil Turkey
Vauxhall Farm
(seriously, this turkey was scary - it kept trying to ward us off by coming right up to the fence, puffing out it's feathers and trembling with what I'm pretty sure was rage)

Shetland Ponies & Cows
Vauxhall Farm

Giant Bunnies & Call Ducks
Vauxhall Farm

Lamb (!!!!!) 23 days old
Vauxhall Farm
(the reason why I haven't eaten lamb for nearly a month now - there were actually lots of lambs, all super cute, eager to be petted and so soft)

Circus in Brockwell Park & Brixton Saturday Market

Impatient to finish the roll
Tulips & Supermalt

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