Saturday, 26 May 2012

London Bloggers Meet Up!

So on Thursday I did something completely new - I came face to face with people I'd met on the internet in the form of a London bloggers meet up! Meredith from One Sheepish Girl was in town for a holiday and suggested that a group of us get together for afternoon tea at the ever-lovely Drink Shop & Do!

Aside from all the the tasty cakes, scones and tea, the afternoon was particularly awesome as I got to meet some very cool creative ladies which without the blogging world I would never have met! I was super nervous on the tube ride to Kings Cross (it felt like going on a blind date, only with lots of people rather than just one) but I needn't have been because the girls including Meredith and her mum were really friendly, chatty and had some interesting and funny stories to share about traveling, London, jobs, the WI, weddings (pirate themed and farm based), the jubilee, the weather (naturally)  and of course our creative hobbies.

If you'd like to find these excellent lasses you can, with these links :) 
Lorna from Project Lorna, founding member of West Ealing WI
Carly from Rasberry Bunny, who got married last weekend (she had her pics taken on a farm!!! awesome)
Meredith from One Sheepish Girl, knitter and crocheter extraordinaire
Katie from Ever so Ethnically Confused, movie fanatic and crafter
Jess from Pink Sunshine, who teaches jewellery making in west london and classes at Drink Shop & Do.

Excuse my lack of pictures, I was put to camera shame by everyone else - much better pictures from the afternoon are on Lorna's blog.

This experience was so much fun and has made me definitely want to go to other meet ups in the future!


  1. aww, sounds like fun! and those desserts look simply wonderful :-)

  2. I had the cheesecake - it was so good - and I have on very good authority that the scones and truffles were too! It's definitely worth a visit if you're in London! x


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