Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Domestic Bliss Weekend

May Day bank holiday weekend. Weather forecast: cloudy, cold & rainy. (In actuality it wasn't as grim in London as the weather man said buuuut...) Solution: drink copious amounts of tea - Orange Pekoe is the current tea of choice, catch-up on Mad Men, Game of Thrones and The Killing (it's back!), get on with my new sewing projects and attend to the garden.

April's craft project crept into May but here it is. I made a lavender bag in the shape of a robin (with Mitch in mind) and then made a few others to keep around the flat. They were fun to make as the applique wings etc meant I got to do some hand stitching. My sewing machine has been getting a lot of attention lately so it was nice to sew on the sofa for a change.
The reason why my sewing machine has been in demand is because I've started making a second quilt! That's right folks, only this one is for my parents and it's going to be nearly twice the size of my first! 16 blocks done, 47 to go! I hope to have it finished in time for Christmas...famous last words...
Aside from catching up on various tv programs I've also been avidly watching the World Snooker Championships (yes, I love snooker, no I'm not an old man - hI find it incredibly soothing watching waistcoated men achieve century breaks, perform trick shots, fluke shots and of course pot balls - such skill is involved). And it was all that much more satisfying seeing Ronnie O'Sullivan clean up and win his 4th world title. Gotta love The Rocket.

On Saturday Mitch and I did a bit of gardening (as you can see here, it's a very small garden but even small gardens need some love). What with all the crap weather we've had recently our little veg patch is looking lush. The potatoes are itching to be dug-up (one was trying to make an escape from the soil) but Mitch said they needed a little longer in the earth so we covered them again. The rocket salad is coming along nicely too. I got on with some weeding while Mitch planted a few more things - carrots, parsley and (fingers crossed) a pumpkin! I am ridiculously excited and cannot wait to start harvesting the herbs and veg from the garden! (Mitch should really take all the credit for the garden as he recognised it's potential and, back in March, worked hard to clear our little patch and prepare the soil for growing , my contribution up until the weekend was to water the fledgling shoots but now I'm totally up for getting my hands dirty!)

Incase you're concerned that I was a complete hermit all weekend I can assure you I wasn't. Sunday night I ventured out to Shoreditch for a v.fun evening at The White Horse for some socialising and dancing. We also found this little gem which amused us greatly.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend too!

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  1. this all sounds lovely! that raspberry toast is making me drool. and any sport where most of the competitors are a. fat and b. drunk is good with me. the quilt is looking GOOD already, your parents are lucky! i give mine scotch whisky every year. fail. and i knowwww, the dress is totally vile, i cannot explain my love for it hahaa! xxx


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