Wednesday, 2 May 2012

adventures with the golden half #part one

march & april

view from the kitchen window

Sunday Scone
view from the window seat at Relay Tea

New Forest Pony
view from my auntie's back-garden

Mother's Day treats

Knitting in the dark

Long shadows in the park

Leafless trees
Brockwell Park

Wheelbarrow chickens
Hackney Farm

Pig & Chicken
Hackney Farm

Hackney Farm

Feeding the Donkeys
Hackney Farm

cut-out house
East London

left: Hampstead
right: Museum of Childhood, Bethnal Green

Ramble on the heath
views of Hampstead Heath


  1. Wow I love the view of your garden. It must be so wonderfully nice getting to look out your kitchen window and look down and see your garden!

  2. i am loving all these photos xx

  3. Thanks Amanda and Jess! :)


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