Thursday, 31 May 2012

QI screening!

On Tuesday I managed to escape work a little early and spent my afternoon in the glorious sunshine on London's South Bank before going to watch a new episode of QI being filmed at the London Television Centre! As with a lot of these free audience tickets they always give out loads more than there are seats available to ensure a full studio, so to guarantee our seats we queued for 2 hours, which was long but well worth the wait!

For anyone who is unfamiliar with the show QI stands for Quite Interesting. It's a sort of quiz show in which Stephen Fry hosts, expells his knowledge and umpires the humorous answers of the four contestants (usually comedians and stand-ups). The questions are not of the formulaic or generic ilk but rather cover a vast range of topics mostly concerned with highlighting and disproving myths which the majority of people take as fact. It's bloody great - funny and of course quite very interesting!

Stephen Fry was his jovial self, Alan Davies was on form and joining these excellent regulars - comedian Katy Brand, extremely funny and clever lady Sue Perkins and...David Mitchell (actor, comedian, writer - not the author, although that would have been awesome too)!!! As you can imagine, with such a good line up we, the audience, had a hillarious two hours of recording to enjoy. The reasons why I love going to these screenings (I've seen QI before and Shooting Stars) not only because you get to watch awesome comedians for free, but because you get to see all the bits they can't air on TV! There's normally quite a few jokes that wouldn't be suitable for BBC audiences :)

You're not allowed to take pictures in the studio so I found these ones on the internet. The studio looks v.different in real life compared to what you see on the TV- it's amazing what you do with cameras and lighting.

We watched episode 4, I think, of the 'J' series and they did quite a few shots of the audience so you never know, I might spot myself in the crowd!

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