Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Tuesday's Tees - t-rex

My new addition - Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton t-shirt
It's actually not that new but I've only just got round to wearing it for the first time - I love it!
Ah Tee & Cake what wonderful tee-makers you are. This one is particularly favoured as it's grey (they normally do a lot of white ones) and my wardrobe was previously without a grey t-shirt (bizarre! I've probably got one of every other colour)!

This particular gem has sold out online but quench your dinosaur thirst on this lovely number.


  1. lol.. that's so cute - reminds me of going to the museum! love the tee and cake tag - very creative..
    when are you going to NYC??

    1. Yeah me too - I love the natural history museum! I'm going at the end of the year (I need lots of time to save up!) for 10 days! I'm stupidly excited and can not wait :D X

  2. that t-shirt is ace! i will def be checking out tee & cake, if i ever have any money ever again xx


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