Thursday, 6 September 2012

goodness GRIMES

My weekend is about to take off - I know, lucky old me, I could seriously get used to these four day weeks. I am particularly stoked for this weekend as not only am I going to a wedding on Saturday, but it's also my sister's birthday tomorrow - cocktails and dancing are on the menu - and as if it couldn't get any better...I'm off to see GRIMES aka awesome Canadian artist Claire Boucher, at Heaven tonight! Cool beats and super haunting vocals are her speciality :) She's had a couple of records out previously but I didn't sit up and take notice until she released 'Visions' earlier this year. What can I say: I love her snyth-y music and undecipherable lyrics! I've not been to see any live music (shame on me) for absolutely aaaages, and I've never been to Heaven so, tonight should be amazing on many levels. This is my favourite track from the recent album. And yes in the video she is holding a mace AND a snake. Cool.

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