Monday, 24 September 2012

weekending fun

I was rather taken with this Iguanodon soft toy and the slogan sweets in the natural history museum gift shop
secret screening 
quilt planning and brownies

September's weekends have been particularly awesome this year, and the latest one did not disappoint! Being the last weekend before pay-day, Friday was a quiet one - more new york based movies and a take-away. On Saturday I made use of the glorious sunshine with a walk around the park followed by an early evening visit to the Natural History Museum. If you're worried about the weekend crowds at the museums I'd recommend going at around 4:30 - tourists and families have normally had enough by then and cleared off home, plus you still get an hour and a half to wander around. Mitch then treated me to dinner and a movie. We went to a steak place, the food was so good. I've only had steak twice before and never in a restaurant - it's just not something I'd usually order - but I'm glad I did. After, we watched The Imposter in our own v.private screening. Mitch's company deals with digital projectors and have a mini cinema on site inside their building. With permission we were kindly allowed to watch the film in there (which was pretty cool). Incase you're not familiar with it, The Imposter is a documentary film about a boy who went missing from Texas when he was about 12 years old. Four years later a 'boy' is found in Spain who may or may not be the missing Nicolas Barclay... I don't really want to say anything more because the twists are insane - even more so because it's a true story. It's compelling stuff - I highly recommend it. As for Sunday, the foul weather confined me to the flat so I started working on a new quilt and baked some chocolate brownies. Hope you all had a good weekend too!

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