Monday, 3 September 2012

ice-cream and sewing and sports oh my!

I had an excellent weekend - I hope you did too - the perfect mix of going out, being sociable and relaxing in front of the tv. The highlights included: friday night drinks in the lovely bar at the BFI, spending pretty much the entire saturday sewing, pigging-out at the ice-cream festival AND drinks with good old friends from school days including this Saturday's bride-to-be!

Just to elaborate a little - on sunday Mitch and I ventured over to Granary Square in King's Cross for the Ice-Cream Festival. There were lots of v.different ice-cream stalls (duh!) mostly from farms in the south of england. We opted for (two scoops of) Shepherds ice-cream made from sheep's milk - it was delicious! There was also an opportunity to make your own ice-cream but the tent was so crowded we decided to try our hand(s) at milking a cow (thankfully not a real one). The farmer who was over-seeing the milking said that my 'technique' meant that I was actually squeezing the milk back up into the  udder rather than out of the teat, which would of course anger the cow (basically I was rubbish). Mitch however was, to my surprise, something of a pro - he said he'd never done it before but the farmer reckoned he was a 'secret milker'. I could not stop laughing.

Other sights we saw: a big ice-cream ice sculpture, the petting zoo (including the cutest baby goat EVER), a large-ish sandpit complete with deck-chairs and a sand-sculpter, an entertaining show - possibly aimed at kids - which explained some of the history of ice-cream. The festival was free to get in and a fun couple of hours - look out for it next year! 

Apart from a quick visit to John Lewis for a few sewing supplies, I spent the whole of Saturday surrounded by fabric and pins. For my friend's wedding on Saturday (sorry, I am mentioning this a lot but you would not believe how excited I am!) I have decided to make my own dress, or I should say, I'm aiming to. So far so good apart from the fact that I bought a zip which is way too small, a replacement zip will be purchased this evening so that I can finish the dress in time. The accompaniment to a day of cutting, pinning and stitching: the Paralympic Games. It's been absolutely amazing to watch - Ellie Simmonds winning the gold in the 400m freestyle (whilst also breaking the record) was definitely my highlight :)


  1. Haha, what? A fake cow for pretend-milking? That's awesome! haha. Excited to see how the dress turns out!

    1. yeah it was pretty fun. Finished dress pics will probably go up tomorrow - it all turned out ok in the end :)


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