Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Tuesday's Tees - old tee, big cat

This week I've chosen an old, but much loved tee, of mine I bought from Topshop about 3 and half years ago. As you can see it depicts a photograph of a well dressed lady casually walking her cheetah along the street. I'd like to think it's a real photograph as it's a great pic and therefore a great tee. 
I remember buying it because it reminded me of the 1938 movie 'Bringing Up Baby' starring Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant. 'Baby' is actually a leopard rather than a cheetah but still. Mitch hadn't seen the film before so we watched it last weekend. I love it, it's pretty off-the-wall and Hepburn and Grant are hilarious. It starts off with a simple premise, Grant's character needs to make a favourable impression on a certain lawyer in order to secure a large sum of money for his museum but as soon as he meets Hepburn (and her leopard) all chaos breaks loose! The situation escalates and escalates until you wonder how everything will be alright in the end, which of course it will be. The script is punchy and the dynamic between the two leads is simply perfect. I can't recommend it enough (it is probably one of my all time favourite films). Expect lots of mistaken identity jokes, a cappella singing ('I can't give you anything but love'), Grant running around in a v.pretty dressing gown and of course leopards (yep, more than one)!

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  1. ah man thats a cool tshirt!! i like the old b&w photographs, i always seem to miss these when they come out . . .


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