Monday, 17 September 2012

markets and country shows

This weekend thousands of people made their way to Brockwell Park for this year's Lambeth Country Show, I think it's normally held around June/July but what with the Olympics throughout the summer it was moved to September - not that you'd know, the weather (particularly on the saturday) was glorious!

There were a couple of stages for the live music, numerous places to get all sorts of grub, a fair with carnival-type rides, stalls selling craft and art, there was even a jousting tournament, featuring armoured knights on horseback, taking place at the top of the hill (pictured) which Mitch and I caught the end of. It was pretty fun but our favourite section of the show was the farm zone. Are you surprised? There was a petting zoo, an owlery and plenty of opportunities to meet and speak to local growers and find out about their community growing schemes. We enjoyed some very nice herb tea whilst talking to a lady who, along with 40 other Lambeth locals had just brewed (thanks to a v.local brewer) their first pale ale, all made from hops grown in and around Brixton! Needless to say, Mitch and I felt hugely inspired and signed up to (hopefully) grow and contribute some hops too!

The highlight of the day was watching the sheep shearing show (also in the farm zone). Billy, a sheep shearing veteran who once sheared over 420 sheep in 7 hours (that's about 33 secs per sheep), dispensed his knowledge about the history of shearing before giving a demonstration on a v.chilled and well behaved sheep. It was really interesting and made me think a lot about sheep - they give us milk, meat, wool AND (I only found out this weekend) provide an integral ingredient to make hand and face creams! Sheep. are. cool.

Also over the weekend Mitch and I took a stroll down Brixton's market where I spied this glorious hand-opperated sewing machine. It was only £15 quid but looked in need of repair so I let it be. Mitch, however, found a working 8mm camera for a fiver - now all we need is some film!

I felt regretful about walking away from the beautiful machine but my practical side took over - "where would we keep it?" There's barely room in the flat for my current machine! Thankfully my harsh but realistic decision was rewarded shortly afterward when we came across Auntie Aviator's stall. 
She had an amazing collection of vintage and modern frames - some of which had never been worn! 
To cut a long story short, I got myself a pair, and even better yet, she's going to put my prescription lenses in them! If you too fancy some unique face furniture you can find Auntie Aviator at Greenwich Market every Friday, sometimes at Spitalfields and once a month in Brixton!
Here are the frames I'm getting - cannot wait to collect them!
To top off this super weekend here is a beard update -
<3 this man


  1. Looks like an amazing way to spend the day. It all looks so interesting and fun. And god, sheeps are cool. As is that beast of a sheep shearer. That's awesome. Love your new frames. They look great on you!

  2. Amazing frames! I always try them on for comedy value, but yours look so good I'm going to go next market day and try and find some that suit me. Love the retro market, I got some lovely dishes for my kitchen there on Saturday. x


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