Wednesday, 30 April 2014

sunny day wish list

The weather is lovely.
I just got paid.
The mind wanders.

1 // lauren moffatt spring collection, palmgrass blouse - completely out of my price range but it looks so lovely and summery.

2 // preppy sunnies from topshop - no pair has come close to replacing my old sunglasses which I loved but these are cool.

3 // bronze sandals from ASOS - I've been wearing the same pair for the last two summers, I think it's time to try out some new ones.

4 // boxy backpack also from ASOS - this has been sitting in my saved list for two months and I still want it. Also it's dropped in price. Two very good reasons to buy methinks...

5 // Sleeveless smock dress from the white pepper - pink's not really my colour but I would make an exception for this. Liking those ruffles a lot.

6 // watermelon slice necklace by Lucie Ellen - having quite a large watermelon obsession at present. This is ace.

7 // floral kimono by Sunset to Sunrise (found on etsy) - I've wanted a kimono type robe for aaaages and this shop has them in a range of colours (liking the mint version in particular). Although she seems to do them for bridal parties I guess she'd make just one for me...

8 // anchor duffel bag - Rosie featured this on her wish list recently and now I want it too! I really need a decent weekend away bag (or gym bag - ha!) and something like this would be perfect. 

9 // the vintage quilt revival - the block and quilt designs in this are so pretty and inspiring. A book I'd rather own than admire through the pictures of it on the internet.

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