Monday, 5 August 2013

DIY ipod case

I haven't done a DIY for quite some time... so here's something super simple, and rather handy, to make. I actually made this for a friend's birthday and snapped some pics along the way!
1. Cut out some fabrics strips - this is a pretty good way to use up your scraps if you have any lying about. I used 7 strips to make this ipod touch case, around 16cm in length.

2.Stitch them together along the long edge with right sides facing.

3. Once you've stitched all the strips together cut out a piece of wadding and backing fabric. They need to be a little bit bigger than your strippy patchwork piece.

4. Make a sandwich - patchwork on top, wadding in the middle and backing fabric at the bottom. Pin the layers together and then quilt! I just did a random zig-zag pattern but you can do whatever you fancy.

5. Trim away the excess wadding and backing fabric so that all the edges of the sandwich are even.

6. To make the loop, cut a strip of fabric 2 x 12 cm and fold length ways into thirds and stitch down the middle.

7. Make the stitched strip form a loop by pinning it to the top edge of the quilted sandwich. To make the linning, cut another piece of fabric to the size of the sandwich and pin right side down ontop of the patchwork layer. Make sure that the loop is in between the right sides of the lining and patchwork layers.

8. Stitch around the outer edge of the sandwich but leave a gap on the bottom edge to turn the case the right way out.

9. Turn the case the right side out and slip stitch the gap closed.

10. Use a pin to mark where to sew on the button. (It's best do to this bit with the case folded around the ipod so you get a better idea of how far the button needs to be from the top edge. The tighter it is the more secure your ipod is.)
11. Once the button is sewn on, fold the case around the ipod again, pin in place and hand stitch the bottom edges and side edges together. (Again, keeping the ipod in place just means you can make sure that the case is nice and snug!)

And you're done!

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  1. Oooh this looks great, lovely idea for a gift! I love the quilting effect x


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