Thursday, 29 August 2013


★ Reading: The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared by Jonas Jonasson. It's an interesting and rather wordy read. I've not read anything by a Swede before  but I'm liking it muchly. 

★ Watching: Copious amounts of Star Trek Voyager. Mitch wanted to re-watch the entire series and I catch most episodes too - it's really not that bad and in fact, some of the episodes are pretty good as stand alone story concepts. Also, rather surprisingly, I've completely warmed to Captain Janeway. She is one cool spaceship captain. In between episodes of Voyager we've been getting our Breaking Bad fix (can't believe there's only 5 left!) and tuning into the new series of the Great British Bake Off, naturally.

★ Making: The baby quilt. The top is complete so now all I've got to do is make the backing, sandwich the layers, quilt it and bind the edges all before sunday. It's doable but I might not get much sleep! Also, excitingly, I've been making our 'save the dates' :) We're printing them through and they should arrive next week!

★ Baking: I've been baking brownies and Mitch made a pie. Normally we just take it in turns to do the cooking but it was fun working in the kitchen side by side, we should do it more often especially since Mitch gave the kitchen the most EPIC clean/clear out and now it looks amazing.

★ Drinking: Twinings green tea with jasmine pearls. I know it sounds poncey but they are the bomb.

★ Looking forward to: Another long weekend. I've got the day off tomorrow so Mitch and I are heading for the coast. There's also the baby's christening on sunday which should be fun.

★ Feeling: A little blue. I worry too much.


  1. That quilt looks amazing! So impressed. I read the Hundred Year Old Man a few months back, it does pick up pace at the end, such a nice book xxx

    1. aw, thanks Becca! yeah, I'm enjoying it a lot just for some reason I'm taking my sweet time to finish it! x


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