Monday, 28 October 2013

moss diamonds scarf

I finished my scarf and here's what it looks like!

I really like the way the pattern looks on the front and then more subtle on the back - I'd be quite happy to wear it either way.

I actually started this scarf three times and ended up unravelling it because I was unhappy with the patterns. Eventually, I settled for this, moss stitch diamonds, which I found here. After a few repeats it's quite easy to remember so most of the scarf was knitted on the tube going to and from work - it made the time pass so quickly :)

Now that it's finished and my hands are idle again, I'm tempted to invest in some round needles and try making a pair of wrist warmers using the same wool as I've got quite a bit leftover... we shall see!


  1. nice scarf boo!! u should knit a matching hat x

    1. Thanks! Yes I might do, I have a pattern... X

  2. Congratulations! It looks amazing and so cosy! I totally get you about having wrestless hands after finishing a project xx


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