Wednesday, 12 September 2012

I want to wake up in a city that doesn't sleep

It's finally happened! We booked our flights and hotel this weekend - Mitch and I will be seeing in the new year in....
'Excited' does not even come close to how I feel. 
I've never explored outside of Europe so this holiday will be one of many firsts: first visit to America, first long(ish) flight, first time Mitch and I get to stay in a hotel, first time I won't be in London for new year!
In preparation for the trip we thought it'd be fun to watch some New York City based movies, so far I've got Woody Allen's Manhattan, The Fisher King, Die Hard with a Vengeance and Home Alone 2, if you guys have any suggestions I'd love to hear them! Incidentally, any New York based fiction suggestions would also be greatly appreciated :)

Other fun things that happened over the weekend:
Grimes @ Heaven was amazing - an awesome set list, a seriously impressive pole-dancer and gigantic balloons bouncing around the crowd - really wish I could've taken a pic of it but I was just enjoying myself to damn much!

Plenty of delicious cocktails were consumed on the Friday night at the fabulous Drink, Shop & Do in aid of my sister's birthday. I highly recommend 'The Sherbet One' or their 'Quarter Life Crisis'. I spent Friday morning finishing off my dress for the big day! And here it is! I'm v.pleased with how it turned out - and it survived the whole day including two hours of dancing!

Saturday was the wedding - an absolutely beautiful day. Pictures to come.
Sunday was supremely lazy and mostly consisted of eating (my mum makes the best scones) and looking through old family photographs. So all in all, one of the best weekends ever really :D


  1. Ahhh! Your dress turned out so cute!! :) I love it. The details are so perfect :) and, as for movies set in NY: The Royal Tenenbaums, The Muppets Take Manhattan, Taxi Driver, An Affair to Remember (and on that note, Sleepless in Seattle!)... Okay, I'm going to stop myself before I overwhelm you with suggestions, haha. That's very exciting news - I've always wanted to go to New York!

    1. thank you - i felt like it needed a couple of buttons, you can't go wrong with buttons :) thank you for the movie suggestions, the only one i've seen is the royal tenenbaums but I think a re-watch is on the cards!

  2. A few things...

    1) Thank you for your sweet comment :) It made me smile and you'll be to blame for more colourful (and dubious) photoshop efforts haha

    2) NYE in NYC sounds AMAZING !!!

    3) I love your banner

    4) You made that dress? It's really cool, good details ! I'm investing in a sewing machine this week so maybe one day I'll move on from tube skirts and square bags and try a dress myself haha

    Molly xo

    1. no worries, i'm psyching myself up to have another go on photoshop, previous attempts have been pretty poor. Thank you! I'd say if you can already make skirts and bags then a dress should definitely be next!

  3. Oh lucky you for going to NYC. You will love it! I've never been for New Years but I bet it will be simply fantastic. Good for you!


  4. Hey I love your blog! It's so cute! And I hope you have fun in NYC! My brother's lived there before and it's pretty amazing. You're going to have a blast!


  5. I just went to NYC in August and I miss it so much! It's such a wonderful place :)

    ♥ Naomi {Starry Eyes + Coffee Cups}


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