Thursday, 25 July 2013

experiments in dressmaking #take 4

Whilst compiling my illustrated packing list for Italy I came to realise that I was seriously lacking summer dresses and with extremely limited funds, buying something was out of the question. So, I made one.
It's nothing fancy just a simple elasticated waist sleeveless number but it was perfect for the warm evenings in italy, eating alfresco and drinking on the terrace.

As it was a very last minute thing and I didn't want to spend any money I raided my fabrics stash and decided it was high time I used the fabulous 1000 cranes fabric I bought back in March. I didn't have enough to make both sides of the dress with it so I improvised with some plain navy that was left over from my parents' quilt.
 If I'd had more time I'd have added some pockets. This was a very simple shape but I think it works well. I'll probably make another like it again, maybe before the end of the summer...!

And here, for your viewing pleasure, is a rather blurry picture of me wearing it!


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