Monday, 31 March 2014

puffin & ponies

A few months ago I rather abruptly (and randomly) became interested in needlepoint. I tried a few different patterns but after a couple of weeks or so, I put my frame and tapestry wool to one side and promptly forgot about them. Then, last week, I dug them out thanks to a brainwave about what to make my mum for mother's day. And here he is, a little needlepoint puffin (she loves puffins).
This doesn't happen very often, but he actually turned out exactly as I'd imagined him. Needlepoint is incredibly satisfying, if a little labour intensive. I simply drew the puffin on the canvas and basically coloured him in with stitches. It's in no way perfect but my mum liked him anyway and I might have a go at trying to make another animal...
Yesterday, what with it being mother's day and all, my family headed down to the New Forest to see my auntie and uncle. The gorgeous weather, lots of cake and the presence of the ponies meant that it really was a perfect day.

On saturday I did something un-thinkable: I went to Oxford Street. Yes, I know, only crazy people go anywhere near there on a saturday but I can assure you, it was for a good cause. I needed to go to Berwick Street to pick up one of the fabrics for my wedding dress (and a zip for a different dress that I'm making). Despite the glorious weather, central London was heaving but thankfully the shop had what I wanted and I made a swift exit. I'm actually off to buy the remaining fabric for my wedding dress this afternoon which is pretty exciting. I will feel so much calmer once I've handed all of them over to the dressmaker in a couple of weeks. Hope you all had sun-filled weekends too :)


  1. Erm that puffin is flipping awesome! Love the design. I could totally see it looking fab on a tote bag or even a skirt!


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