Thursday, 20 September 2012

bits & pieces

Just a couple of things I've been up to lately. Inspired by this from Jesse's blog I decided to put up a changeable photo line using string and mini pegs. As we're renting our flat and the landlady wouldn't be too chuffed with us making lots of holes in the walls, I find that this works perfectly. Last week I doodled on an otherwise rather plain tote bag using a fabric pen. I've also been rummaging through my fabric scraps box to find stuff for a new project.

Quite a few of the blogs I follow are written by great bloggers who freelance or work for themselves, something which I most definitely aspire to. I hugely admire them but I also wonder how, how do they do it? I should think myself lucky as my job does allow me to be creative and has introduced me to many awesome things. On the downside I can't stand being in an office 5 days a week, it suits some but not me, and it's hard to come back from an 8 hour day and feel motivated every evening to get on with my own projects. Some nights are more productive than others but then I guess that's how it is for everyone. Ultimately I would love to make stuff for a living, and maybe one day I will but for now I'm not quite good enough or financially stable enough or, if I'm honest, disciplined enough. So heres to you all you DIY-ers, making your own path – you are cool.


  1. Love the tote bag design! need to get me some fabric pens I think x

  2. Love the photo string. Do you have 3M hooks in the uk? They are removable. Have been invaluable in my decade of renting!


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