Wednesday, 5 September 2012

note that down

I am a total sucker for notebooks. The prettier (and preferably more geometric) the cover, the more likely I am tempted to buy it. I also have the unfortunate tendency to buy them when I don't need them and as a result I rarely (if ever) actually fill all the pages. Whilst researching for a stationary based piece at work (such torture) I came across a lot of v.nice notebooks, here they are. I, of course, want them all.

geometric A5 notebooks - RibbonSquirrel
vintage map notebooks - Urban Outfitters
all year round journal penguins - Notbook Notbuk
time wasted - Le Animale
exercise books - Donna Wilson
block press A5 notebook - Paperchase
stuck on repeat - Ohh Deer
hejsan pattern notebook - Future & Found

And just some (there are plenty more) of my most current and well used notebooks.


  1. i definitely have a notebook problem. these are all great. i especially love that first group. always love black and white with pops of color. and i love some of the ones in your collection.

  2. Ahh I love the journals! I like to keep journals, I have this one I kept last year when I was 15 and it's all about this boy I was obsessed with and how he turned out to be an asshat. It's kind of cool seeing my progression of thoughts and feelings throughout the year and I'm really glad I documented a time in my life when I underwent so much development mentally and psycholigally. Like how this crush ended up becoming so dissapointing that I really had to re-evaluate how I saw my relationships with people and what I wanted or expected from a romantic relationship.

    Haha! My sister did kill me when she saw it but it was all in good humour. She let me post it on facebook but untagged herself after posting a witty retort on it. I like the photo because it sums up our relationship a lot, like we are always doing silly things to eachother and I don't know it just reminds me of us.

    I used a 90s pentax I got a 2 dollars from a thrift store once, If you want an exact model I'll be happy to inspect it for you! <33

  3. Ooo, I like the inside layout of the "all year round" journal.

  4. I love the journals with the world map on it!!


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